How to sell your design services on Design Jobs

1: Register an account as Seller
Signup here

2: Verify your account
After login, go to the page “Seller Dashboard/Settings/Verification” to submit your ID for the verification

3: Add your service for free
Go to “Seller Dashboard/Services/Add new service” to add your service

4: Get notified when you get an order
You will receive an email when someone has paid for your service

5: Delivery your work to your customer
Discuss details with customer by email/phone, deliver great work

6: Mark your order “Complete” in seller dashboard
Mark your order “Complete” in your “Seller Dashboard/Orders” page

7: Submit for “Withdraw” in seller dashboard
Submit for “Withdraw” in your “Seller Dashboard/Withdraw” page

8: Payment is transferred to you
You will receive your payment shortly